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  • Sun, Apr 25, 2010 6:15 AM

I just sent this blast:

1. Fail to show up on time for the Chapter meeting. 2. Take and send text messages during the meeting. 3. Show little or no interest in other members 60 second info-mercial. 4. Show up just before the meeting starts and rush out immediately after it ends, therefore having no interaction / networking with fellow Chapter Members. 5. Failing to schedual one to one dances. 6. Fail to show up for your dance. 7. Show up for the dance late 8. Fail to show up for the dance and blame the other person. 9. Fail to have a Givers Gain attitude and expect refferrals even though you rarely give one.  10. Talk only about yourself and your business.  This is the TOP 10 for this month. If you see yourself as fitting any of the above, change your habits and be a good networker. GIVERS GAIN !!! 

Edited Sun, May 16, 2010 9:12 PM

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Some of my favorites are:

Visit a big multi-chamber networking event and pass out hundreds of cards to people you will never see again.

Refer people as potential new customers without asking/verifying they are interested in being referred (unqualified referral).

When networking, spending time talking about weekend activities, weather, sports, cars, etc. and never discussing your business.

Forgetting your business cards.

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